Library of Reflections Posts


Volume 2: Chihuly Wonderland

Volume 1: L.A. Immersion Excursion


Volume 4: Blast from the Past, Academy Museum

Volume 3: Exploring Coastal Oregon

Volume 2: Redwood Forest Bathing, Oregon

Volume 1: Shadows & Silhouettes, Oak Knoll Studies


Volume 4: Frost on Fallen Foliage

Volume 3: Into Plein Air

Volume 2: Getting Physical: The Artist's Hand

Volume 1: Exploring Photo Collage: "Frequency Shift"


Volume 6: Silver Trees

Volume 5: Stonehenge Revisited, Solarization

Volume 4: Challenge in Black and White, A Week of Facebook Posts

Volume 3: Split Tones, Warm Autumn Afternoon in the Forest

Volume 2: Life in Limbo, Walks during Coronavirus Quarantine, Masks

Volume 1: Obscurities, Mystery and Ambiguity in Nature


Volume 9: Sierra Reflections, Trees in Reflecting Pools

Volume 8: Autumn Shadows, Vivid Tree Shadows

Volume 7: The Hipstamatic, Succulents and Nature Scenes

Volume 6: Gems from the Archives, Quartz Crystal Studies

Volume 5: Photo Impressionism, Wind in Eucalyptus Grove

Volume 4: Backyard Photo Challenge, The Forest at Sunrise

Volume 3: Log Cabin Studies, Pioneer History Center at Yosemite

Volume 2: Between Breaks, ChromaSynthesis Water and Wind

Volume 1: ChromaSynthesis Portfolio Release


Volume 8: Expressive Photography, Rocks at Big Sur

Volume 7: Outside Out, Windows at Pioneer History Center at Yosemite

Volume 6: Danseuse, Ballerina backstage and onstage

Volume 5: Imminence of Spring, Late May Falls and Streams in Yosemite

Volume 4: Offshore Outlook, Wake and Waves onboard a boat

Volume 3: Wandering the Wetlands, The Shore from onboard a boat

Volume 2: In an O'Keefe State of Mind, Flowers in Color vs Black and White

Volume 1: Garden Myths, Gardens with Nature Spirits


Volume 6: Full Cycle, Winter Awards and Exhibitions

Volume 5: Early Harvest, Grape Harvest in the Wine Country

Volume 4: (Two Posts) Screen of Perception AND State of Vacancy

Volume 3: (Two Posts) Transcendance AND Ti: The Good Luck Plant 

Volume 2: (Two Posts) Sand and Stone AND Clouds, a Metaphor

Volume 1: (Two Posts) Rainy Nights AND San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


Volume 5: (Two Posts) Night in the City AND Mixed Vantage with Mirrors

Volume 4: (Two Posts) Reflections in Color AND The Monochrome Image

Volume 3: (Two Posts) Low Tide AND Renewal Unfolding Summer Exhibitions

Volume 2: (Four Posts) Structural Nova Architecture, Spellbound by the Sea at Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Carpe Diem Capture at Carmel River Beach and Nude Studies, Form and Motion.

Volume 1: (Four Posts) Ice Studies, Visual Literacy - Sequencing, The Bridge, the Fence, and the Footpath, and Self Reflection - Self Portraits

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