Vision Statement

As a photographer, I am attracted to the underlying structure of things, and to the way the forces of nature – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Gravity, Light, and Time - imprint the material world with their magic.

Through a number of ongoing projects, I am exploring different aspects of this underlying concept. In some cases, the use of slow-capture blurs the borders between objects and their environment, creating a more impressionistic interpretation of the subject. One series focuses on the experience of spatial perception, capturing multiple perspectives of a space within a single photograph. Another portfolio examines the notion of duality in nature through the fusion of color and monochrome. A recurring theme in all the work is the relationship between objects, space, and time.

Photo:  Self-Portrait with Hat, Metal Plate Transfer


  • University of California, San Diego   BA in Visual Arts / Communications
  • Edinboro State University, Edinboro, PA       Major: Art Education



Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, my passion for art began at a very young age. I majored in Art Education at Edinboro State University before completing my BA in Visual Arts and Communications at the University of California, San Diego. Originally trained in traditional darkroom techniques, my creative practice has shifted to digital processing and printing. I now live on the scenic Monterey Peninsula, an environment that provides endless inspiration for my work.

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