The “Speed of Light” portfolios explore the relationship between objects, space, time, and light. They are informed by new world models coming out of research in particle physics and quantum field theory where space is no longer “empty”, but a conduit of vibrating energy supporting the mass of the world.

The slow-capture images in “Speed of Light” blur the“borders” between objects and the space that surrounds them - in some cases to the point of abstraction. Movement of the camera or subject add the element of time. Points of light are stretched almost like brushstrokes in a painting, resulting in a softer, impressionistic interpretation of a scene. Impressionist painters used strokes of paint in a sketchy way to capture the essence of their subject, rather than its details. They emphasized light in its changing qualities, often accentuating the effects of time passing. The slow-capture process allows for the creation of a comparable vision in a photographic image. Nothing in our world ever stands still – time never stops - light is always in motion all around us.

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