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Welcome to "Reflections 2019," my online photo journal for sharing thoughts, "sketches," and works in progress. These images may be new ideas I am exploring, creative inspirations from books, workshops, museums, music... or they may simply be captures of an extraordinary moment that caught my eye in the course of the day. All part of my creative process, as it is for most artists and photographers. I invite you to share your thoughts about these posts via my Contact Form.

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Volume 4: "Backyard Photo Challenge"

May 2019

Several times a year the ImageMakers, a Monterey-based fine art photography organization, presents a photo challenge to its members. This month, the theme was "In Your Own Backyard." I have often photographed the forested green belt that borders our backyard, so in the spirit of the challenge, I decided to look at it in a different light.  

I got up before sunrise and started photographing in the dark with ambient light from nearby homes and streetlights.

"Dark Thicket"

I continued to capture what the dim light of dawn revealed.

"In the Thicket #1"

"In the Thicket #2"

The thicket was dense, with contorted, entangled branches reaching in all directions.

"In the Thicket #3"

"In the Thicket #4"

Winter storms had downed one of my favorite trees.

"The Fallen"

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Reflections 2019 Posts: Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol 3 Vol 4 Vol 5 Vol 6 Vol 7 Vol 8 Vol 9

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