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Welcome to "Reflections 2019," my online photo journal for sharing thoughts, "sketches," and works in progress. These images may be new ideas I am exploring, creative inspirations from books, workshops, museums, music... or they may simply be captures of an extraordinary moment that caught my eye in the course of the day. All part of my creative process, as it is for most artists and photographers. I invite you to share your thoughts about these posts via my Contact Form.

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Volume 1: "ChromaSynthesis"

January 2019

It was a late thaw...

Snow still melting into tributaries

Feeding rocky streams and waterfalls.

Buds barely open on tree branches.

Tiny patches of green grass

Scattered about muddy meadows.

A black and white world...

Just hints of color peaking through,

A promise of the coming season...

The Imminence of Spring.

This experience of late Spring in Yosemite was the inception for my new portfolio called "ChromaSynthesis," a series of monochromatic images with patches of color woven through. This work will premiere on January 20th here in a new online gallery and at a public portfolio review at Carmel Visual Arts, Carmel, CA.  

On a conceptual level, I am exploring duality in the nature of the world - the physical and the spiritual, cause and effect, past and present, yin and yang. By unveiling hidden layers of color (energy/spirit) that underlie black and white material forms, I can illustrate this duality - the end result being a oneness or fusion of the two. ChromaSynthesis is also a way to represent the cycles of nature, with color as the renewing force of life and regeneration. So along with the physical and spiritual, the yin and yang - these images invoke the endless changing of seasons and passage of time... the spirit of nature constantly transforming itself.

I invite you to join me at "LookBooks," a public portfolio event featuring new work by members of the FotoSága women's photography group. All of the ChromaSynthesis photographs will be on display.

FotoSága LookBooks

Sunday January 20th @ 2:00pm

Carmel Visual Arts at the Barnyard, Carmel CA

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Reflections 2019 Posts: Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol 3 Vol 4 Vol 5 Vol 6 Vol 7 Vol 8 Vol 9

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