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Welcome to "Reflections 2018," my online photo journal for sharing thoughts, "sketches," and works in progress. The images may be from a photography workshop, new ideas I am exploring, creative inspirations from books, movies, museums, music... or they may simply be captures of an extraordinary subject or moment that caught my eye in the course of the day. All part of my creative process, as it is for most artists and photographers. I invite you to share your thoughts about these posts via my Contact Form.

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Volume 6:  Danseuse

August 2018

Over the summer I had the opportunity to work with a lovely professional ballerina. Her poise and grace were evident whether she was moving or still. It was both a challenge and a pleasure to capture her flowing movements and elegant positions. I will soon be adding a selection of these images to a new gallery here on my website to be titled “Danseuse." Meantime here is a preview of photos from backstage and on stage.

"Backstage, Repose"

 "Dance is the hidden language of the soul."  - Martha Graham 

"On Pointe"

"Full Circle"


 "Dancing is the poetry of the foot."  - Charles Baudelaire 


"If you look at a dancer in silence, his or her body will be the music. If you turn the music on, that body will become an extension of what you are hearing."  - Judith Jameson 

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