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Volume 5:  Imminence of Spring

July 2018

My expectation when visiting Yosemite National Park in late May was that Spring would have...well...sprung! The waterfalls gushed with melting snow and the streams filled to their banks. However, aside from the lacey white blooms of the dogwood trees, wildflowers were few and far between as were the birds and squirrels. Grass was yet to green up many of the muddy meadows and leaves on most of the trees were just budding. But there was definitely the feeling that Spring was about to burst forth...with just another week or so of warm sunshine. 

I wanted to capture this experience of "imminence" in my images. The details in the rock formations and soaring granite cliffs are more pronounced in black and white, which also best portrays the qualities of changing light. I've added soft touches of color to hint at what Spring would be bringing to the scene.

Yosemite delights at every season...and during the transitions in between.

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Reflections 2018 Posts: Vol 1  Vol 2  Vol 3  Vol 4  Vol 5  Vol 6  Vol 7  Vol 8

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