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Welcome to "Reflections 2018," my online photo journal for sharing thoughts, "sketches," and works in progress. The images may be from a photography workshop, new ideas I am exploring, creative inspirations from books, movies, museums, music... or they may simply be captures of an extraordinary subject or moment that caught my eye in the course of the day. All part of my creative process, as it is for most artists and photographers. I invite you to share your thoughts about these posts via my Contact Form.

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Volume 1:  Garden Myths 

January 2018

"Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds."

- adapted from a poem by William Wordsworth

As this year begins, my thoughts are about the fragile state of our planet...fragile on so many levels, and about the idea of gardens as metaphor. In a small token of hope and faith in humanity, I'm adding a new "garden myths" image to my Flora Gallery titled "Tipua Sentinel."  It's a nod to the mythical Nature Spirits (aka elementals) who work with the forces of nature to protect and maintain life on Earth. 

"To plant a Garden is to believe in Tomorrow."

- Audrey Hepburn

How does your garden grow?

Tipua Sentinel

Shape-shifting nature spirits native to Polynesia, Tipua attach themselves to trees, plants, and rocks. They are fierce protectors of their turf, this one securing the serenity of its tropical Hawaiian pond. 

Below are a few other "garden myths" images that you can explore further in my Flora Gallery.

Smaug's Treasure

This lush, colorful garden is a living earthly treasure, with its fantastical variety of form and color. It is guarded by the spirit of Smaug: the fictional Middle Earth Dragon of Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. Smaug makes his rounds through the garden, hoarding his treasure with a vengeance. He can nourish and protect, but ultimately, he is no match for the changing whims of Mother Nature and the seasons of Father Time. The delicate, transient nature of the garden makes his treasure all the more coveted.


The sense of harmony created by the beautiful symmetry of this garden is very real. It is like stepping into another dimension… to the welcome of Cherubs. By definition, a Cherubikon is a hymn to the angels – one that symbolically lifts its audience into the presence of the angels. This concept is perfectly executed in the design of this garden – the walkway, the statues, the fountain, the flowers and shrubs, the Goddess - all of the elements flawlessly arranged. Perhaps if you listen closely, you can hear the hymn resonate around you.

Jacob's Ladder

The bridge between Earth and Heaven... an angel ascending through the garden wall.

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Reflections 2018 Posts: Vol 1  Vol 2  Vol 3  Vol 4  Vol 5  Vol 6  Vol 7  Vol 8

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