Mindful Reminiscence Statement

Over time, our perspective of a photograph evolves – it is transformed by our ongoing life experiences, knowledge gained, and social/environmental changes. Often it’s a sense of nostalgia or sentimental longing that filters our memory of that moment in time. As a nature photographer, I have found myself feeling nostalgic about the splendor before me… even in the act of capturing it. 

The health of our planet is quickly deteriorating with the impacts of climate change. Our forests are being devastated, our oceans polluted. Wildlife suffers loss of habitat, with species facing extinction. Will future generations experience the beauty and inspiration that nature provides? Or will our natural world gradually become a faded memory of the past?

The Mindful Reminiscence portfolio presents nature in the context of these questions. The vintage appearance of the images depict the here and now as if it is time gone by. I’m being mindful (in the moment) and at the same time, reflecting on the present as if it is the past.  Sepia stained images with yellowed borders, are suggestive of faded polaroids. Scratched, vignetted rocks and filmy seascapes hearken back to the subtle Autochromes of the early 20th century, predecessors of Kodachrome color. Along with their dreamy feeling of nostalgia, there is a timeless quality to them. Scenes captured by artists for centuries continue to be the muse for creation of new works of art and bring hope for the resilience of nature in the face of global warming.

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