Reflections 2016, March 27


“In nature there is very little we can control. We can only be open to each situation, each opportunity, and be aware of how we’re reacting to it. We can control how we react to what’s happening.” 

 - Robert Rodriguez Jr. from “Insights from the Creative Path”, one of his Eight Principles of Nature Photography 

Carmel River Beach… one of my frequent destinations for hiking and photography. Here the Carmel River flows into the Pacific at the intersection of a rocky, sandy beach and a coastal lagoon and estuary. It is one of the most changeable, shifting beach environments I have visited.  My latest “Reflections 2016” post features images that capture my reactions to changing opportunities at this unique place.

“Reflections 2016” is my version of an online sketchbook or photo journal. I invite you to check it out and share your thoughts.

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