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Volume 2: "Chihuly Wonderland"

June 2023

"I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in a way they have never experienced."

~ Dale Chihuly

After visiting Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle this Spring, all I can say is, "Mission Accomplished!" I finally got around to downloading my camera images from our trip to the Emerald City and was inspired all over again just looking at the photos of Chihuly's work. No question he is a leader in the development of glass as a fine art was truly like wandering through a fantasy wonderland. I've curated a collection of images to share here. 

When I first moved to Monterey in 2004, I was treated to an installation of Chihuly's work as part of the "Jellies: Living Art" exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. His flowing, translucent glass forms fit in with the marine environment perfectly... and added to the delicate beauty and magical charm of the Jellies themselves.

The ceiling of one gallery was lit from above, giving the experience of being under water looking up at the surface.

In another gallery, pieces within pieces were displayed on a large wooden platform. So many shapes and patterns in the light and shadow of the glass and wood!

And then I went outside to explore the glasshouse and garden installations!

There was an incredible melding of art and nature at every turn in the garden.

Hope you enjoyed roaming the Chihuly Wonderland with me!

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