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"When I was studying chimpanzees, I learned about the interconnectedness of all life in the rainforest. How every species of plant and animal has a role to play in the tapestry of life. When a species becomes extinct, a hole is made in that tapestry. When it becomes too torn and tattered, an entire ecosystem may collapse."   

~ Jane Goodall, from the foreword to "Regeneration" by Paul Hawken

The impact of climate change on trees is visible and measurable. An aerial survey report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service estimates that 36.3 million trees died in California in 2022, up from 9.5 million in 2021. Stressed from the prolonged drought, many succumbed to insect outbreaks and disease, making them fuel for future wildfires. But there is more at stake in the forest than just the trees.  The plants, animals, insects, soil, and fungi, as well as the trees, are all interconnected and are all impacted by our warming climate. In a healthy forest, the biodiversity of the whole forest ecosystem is what sustains the natural balance. And as the forests warm, the trees lack water to photosynthesize and are less efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide... a vicious cycle.

"Interconnected" is a photo collage from my Folding and Mending portfolio that expresses our forest ecosystems falling out of balance.  

Above is the small prototype for the collage that I created using everyday office copy paper. I followed the prototype as I produced the final piece, which consists of ten individual prints that are folded, scorched, and sewn together.  

After making the 8" x 12" prints and creasing in the folds, the next step was to scorch the edges of the prints. I use a lighter in order to have a bit of control over the flame, directing it where I want and allowing certain areas to burn more than others. You can see my prototype in the background of the photo, which I am using as a reference.

 Once the scorching was complete, I started stitching the prints together. The sustainable agave paper I use for the prints is thick and fibrous to support my folding process. This means I have to first poke holes in the paper where I want to pull the needle and thread through.

Here's a completed section of the piece where you can see the stitching and scorched edges of the prints.

Another detail showing the intersection (interconnection) of multiple prints. 

And here is the finished piece. It is 24" high and 38" long. 

I hope you enjoyed this Spotlight on the concept and making of "Interconnected."  You can view more images from the portfolio in my Folding and Mending gallery.
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