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Volume 2: "Getting Physical: The Artist's Hand"

July  2021

The concept of 'shifting perspectives' led me to create multi-layered collages in my series "Frequency Shift: The Stonehenge Continuum."   I'm now taking that process further and bringing it into my work with nature and the environment. I discovered some new ways to physically engage with my photographs in a workshop with artist Elena Dorfman called Altered Landscapes. We explored a number of methods to apply "the artist's hand" to our prints. I'm sharing here a few iPhone photos of 'prototypes' that I'm currently developing into final works of art. 

After printing out a variety of work prints, the idea is to find and create relationships between the images. In the collage above, I have pieced together photos of Yosemite taken at varying angles and distances. There is also a mix of color and monochromatic images. I admit there is a bit of David Hockney influence coming through here, from his early photo collages.

One of the workshop methods I most resonated with is crumpling and folding the printed photos. In this piece, the folding adds dimension to the middle ground.

The folds mimic the ripples in the water reflections in this Sierra Lake image.

California hills ravaged by drought and earthquakes.

California Redwood. For me, these crumpled and folded pieces are a way of expressing the "world folding in on itself." We are so focused on the tasks at hand in our daily lives that we are neglecting our environment. With this imbalance, our world is collapsing.

I hope you enjoyed these images and will follow me along this new path.

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