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Volume 1: "Shadows & Silhouettes"

February  2022

One of my favorite hiking trails includes a loop around a small oak knoll. I had taken a few iPhone photos there, but made a note to come back with my camera for some more serious studies. That day turned out to be foggy and misty, which added to the sense of mystery on the rounded hill. Home to a grove of mature oaks, I found myself surrounded by shadows and silhouettes.

Endless Entanglements. Over the years as the oaks flourished and acorns sprouted into new trees, their branches reached in all directions, seeking the light. They grew into and around each other, creating beauty in complexity.

The westward side of the knoll is more impacted by the wind. Some of the trees appeared to be growing sideways.

The twisted limbs make eerie shapes - almost snakelike.

It was fun to play with the tilted and curved horizon line of the hill. The trees seemed to be walking or dancing up and down the slopes.

Further up on the hilltop, the diffused morning light came in from the sides rather than from above.

As I went deeper into the forest and looked out at the surrounding fields, the trees became more silhouetted.

In silhouette, the limbs make graceful patterns against the grassy background.

Thought for the day by Abraham Lincoln:

"Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing."

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