Reflections 2021

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Volume 1: "Exploring Photo Collage"

February  2021

My earlier Stonehenge "sketches" have been developing into a new body of work I call: 

"Frequency Shift: The Stonehenge Continuum."

These images explore the vibrant energy I found to be inherent in the Stonehenge landscape. 

The source of this energy is tied to the monument's continuum in history as it transforms from the past to the future with the prevailing thoughts and scientific discoveries of each era.

I portray these shifting perspectives by juxtaposing multiple solarized images of the stones with each other, inviting comparison and contrast.

Collage is one of the techniques I am using to create physical overlays of "frequency shifts."

Using multiple prints of the same image, I cut and layer pieces, assembling them into a single work.

I'll be sharing more images from this new portfolio over the next few months, including some diptychs and triptychs.

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