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Volume 3: "Split Tones"

May 2020

Sometimes when I am in the field, I envision that a particular photo will be black and white. But back in the studio, the feeling or emotional impact of the scene requires something different. Here is a sampling of images in which I used a method called split toning to enhance the mood of the scenes through the strategic use of color. In this case, I wanted to portray the golden warmth of an autumn afternoon.

Toning of black and white images is a historical method first used in the darkroom. Chemicals were added in the development process to give prints a sepia tone or other color effects. Split toning, which can also be achieved through digital applications, involves adding colors separately to the highlights and shadow areas of an image. In this case, I added a golden yellow hue to the highlights and a deep blue to the shadows. 

Toward the Rock

Across the Stream

Rocks and Aspen

Rock and Aspen

Rocky Path

Three Muses

The Greek Goddesses of poetic inspiration... deities of dance, song, and memory on whose mercy the creativity and insight of artists and thinkers depended.

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