...there is something primordial about it – something innate that harkens back to the volcanic formation of our planet. Fire represents a turning point in human evolution - our ability to create and control fire enabled us to cook food and provided warmth and light to extend our activities into the cold, dark night. One of the four essential elements, fire has a symbolic meaning that is dual in nature – on one hand it is creation and light and on the other, destruction and purification. Hence it’s at the center of much scientific, literary, and religious thought throughout history… even in our social rituals – bonfires at the beach, funeral pyres, the Burning Man gatherings.

Flames are the visible part of a fire, gaseous but sometimes dense enough to be considered plasma. The dance of flames is a mesmerizing sensory experience…the hypnotic movement of light and form meditative – engaging our attention to quiet the mind.


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