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Volume 1: "Exhibition Tour"

March 2024

So exciting to have my first two-person exhibition with the talented Diana Bloomfield! For those who were unable to attend in person, I've put together a tour of the exhibition -  at The Photographer's Eye Collective and Gallery in Escondido, CA.

First, my sincere thanks to the incredible PEC Gallery Director, Donna Cosentino, who gave me such a warm welcome and curated an amazing exhibition! And to the great PEC team who helped coordinate, promote, and host the event.

The opening reception kicked off with an Artists' Talk at which Diana and I each gave a presentation about our creative journeys.

I brought along a selection of prototypes to share after the talk. The hands-on experience really brought clarity to the discussion about my process.

The gallery has three exhibition rooms, starting with the entrance lobby, which showcased work by both of us.

Southern Magnolia, 2023  by Diana is flanked by two of my Folding and Mending pieces.

Diana's impressive gum bichromate florals were beautifully hung in the library gallery.

Her creative cyanotype books and sculptures had their own table.

Over in "my" gallery, Donna did a fabulous job of sequencing the work, especially the two large collages on the back wall. They are amazing as a diptych!

The other corner of the gallery featured my "Rivers in the Sky" collage and my latest photo-sculptures.

Rivers in the Sky  - my response to the extreme atmospheric river events of the past two winters.

The Cost of Soft sculptures draw attention to "the issue with tissue." The softer, more absorbent brands are produced using a high percentage of pulp sourced from trees in old growth forests. There are alternatives... you can learn more and see close-ups of the sculptures in my Spotlight Feature. And you can view the complete Folding and Mending series here.

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